Acid Rain Ajax Hoplitai

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Acid Rain Ajax Hoplitai

The Ajax Hoplitai of Agurts's 15th Stealth Team are assault elements responsible for administering preemptive surgical strikes against high-priority targets deep in hostile territories. These advanced units are outfitted with modified Power Armors (PA) similar to those of the 55th Forseti Forces and 88th Seth Rangers. Developed from the imported N.A.U.S Combat Powered Exoskeleton (CPE), the Ajax Hoplitai’s PA boast strong protective and adaptive qualities that enable the wearer to withstand extreme climates for extended lengths of time without sustaining corrosion from acid rain or other contaminants.

1:18 scale Ajax Hoplitai Includes: Ajax Hoplitai x1,Power Armor Set x1, AP2 Pistol x2, ASMG6 Submachine Gun x1, AAR7 Assault Rifle x1