Acid Rain Field Flakbike FB7f

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Acid Rain Field Flakbike FB7f

The Flakbike FB7 is one of the oldest military machines still operated by the Agurts military. This is the first transformable vehicle developed after the catastrophic end of WWII.

The FB7 has 2 modes, the mobile bike mode and the walker artillery mode. The FB7 is typically seen in its bike mode piloted by a single operator, with cargo space in the rear for additional personnel or haulage. In bike mode, the FB7has no offensive capabilities and offers little protection, it’s heavy tracks may affect its speed but it also enables the vehicle to traverse hostile environments with rough terrain.

When deployed into artillery mode, the FB7 transforms into a bipedal long range artillery cannon. The legs are mainly used for targeting adjustments, mobility in artillery mode is very limited. These cannons can deal devastating damage to enemies from considerable range.

Capable of both offensive and defensive roles, they operate best in numbers, taking formation and raining shells onto enemy fortifications, advancing vehicles or closely packed infantry squads. Skillful commanders can inflict heavy casualties with several barrages and relocate before enemy has the opportunity to retaliate, effectively crippling enemy morale.

The FB7’s transformation requires the pilot to leave the vehicle, a feature that can no longer be seen in modern transformable vehicles and SA. Flakbikes are considered old fashioned in the modern age dominated by powerful SAs, but they are still found in the front lines of Agurts and Zamaii.

The FB7 is often escorted by other forces as they lack any close range combat capabilities, making them an easy target during enemy raids.


    1 - Field Flakbike FB7f
    1 - Field Cannoneer
    1 - Handgun
    1 - Folding Shovel
    1 - Binoculars