Acid Rain Flame Trooper

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Acid Rain Flame Trooper

Flame Trooper of the Omanga Military is highly poseable with 30 points of articulation. This 1:18 military action figure is fully-painted with highly-detailed weathering effects.
A deadly force to be reckoned with.

With orange stripes on their armor and equipped with portable flamethrowers, the Flame Troopers have been improved by the Omanga Army to increase the arc and distance of flame jetting. They can project a stream of ignited flammable liquid into the trenches and bunkers of the enemy. Assisted by other soldiers, the Troopers are responsible for the second round of attacks in raids on the remaining hidden soldiers. They are seen as a powerful and scary force in the military. 

  • 1 Flame Trooper
  • 1 Flame Thrower
  • 1 Sub Machine Gun