Acid Rain Phantom Team A - [Mirage + Eclipse]

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Acid Rain Phantom Team A -  [Mirage + Eclipse]

Phantom Team is directly under the command of the Omanga Intelligence Agency, this black ops unit is assigned to carry out top secret missions involving assassinations, espionage, tactical strikes and inciting civil disorders in enemy territories.

Acid Rain presents the new Acid Rain Phantom Team A (Mirage & Eclipse). This item is set in the 1:18 scale, painted with a new military color scheme and highly detailed weathering effect. The Acid Rain Phantom Team A comes inclusive with 2 figures, one submachine gun, one OM28R pulse rifle, one portable missile launcher.


  • 1/18 Scale 
  • Made of plastic
  • Military color scheme 
  • Highly detailed weathering effect
  • Fully articulated


  • Mirage figure
  • Eclipse figure
  • Submachine gun
  • OM28R Pulse Rifle
  • Portable Missile Launcher