Acid Rain Sofi

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Acid Rain Sofi

The year she turned eight, Sofi lost her parents to the chaos of war. The Bucks Team sniper Argus found her alone in the smoky rubble and brought her under his care. Growing up, Sofi was a strong spirit who refused to be defined by her childhood trauma. She rejected all offers of help and insisted on solving problems on her own.

By the time she turned fifteen, Sofi had mastered every battle technique imaginable, even honing her reconnaissance and sniping skills to match that of her adoptive father. She argued frequently with Argus, who strongly opposed her joining the Bucks Team, even though she could strike a tie in combat with any Bucks Team member. The day she came of age, a starry-eyed Sofi ran away to join the Agurts 303rd Marines, swiftly passing the test to become the division’s youngest female SA pilot.


Sofi Backpack, Vest, Belt, Extra Holster, Cloak, Gear Buckle, ASR5 Sniper Rifle, ASMG3 Submachine Gun, AP3 Pistol, ARL8 Rocket Launcher, Rocket Case, Helmet, Half Face Gas Mask