Emily the Strange 6" Bendy Figure

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If you are lucky enough to be reading this right now, it means you are invited to the celebration of all things strange. Toynami is proud to present the Emily the Strange 6” action figure.
A sharp-witted and rebellious young woman, Emily is one bad cat. She looks out on her surroundings with disinterest, but hey, what else is new? Is she mad or just curious? She is anti-cool, a sub-culture of one, and a follower of no one but herself. She is the anti-hero for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ movement! Her favorite phrase is “Get Lost!”, which is both an invitation to travel to unknown places and an instruction to “Take a Hike!” Her creative spirit stems from a fusion of equal parts rock n roll, punk surrealism, weird science, unbridled sarcasm and a love for furry creatures that meow. When she isn’t in her lab tinkering and cobbling together a particle accelerator, she is napping with her four black cats—Miles, Mystery, Sabbath and Nee Chee.

The 6” Emily Action Figure features bendable arms and legs, a display stand and her eldest cat Mystery.