FRED Vinyl Coin Bank

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Toynami is proud to announce, TULIPOP, our newest license, brought to you all the way from Iceland! The Enchanted world of Tulipop, dreamt up by mother of two Signy and Helga, is an original, beautiful and magical range like no other! In this collaboration we will bring to you a range of Tulipop items, both plush toys and vinyl figures featuring the four main characters, Bubble, Gloomy, Fred and Miss Maddy.

"I'm Fred! As you can probably see, I am the scariest monster on the whole of Tulipop - ever. If I saw myself in a mirror I would definitely scream. If I wasn't a monster that is, because monsters don't get scared, do they?"

Big coin bank featuring Fred, the adorable monster that longs to be frightening but never succeeds. 

The coin bank comes in a beautifully illustrated box. 

  • Size: 8” tall