Robotech 1/100 Scale Transformable VF-1D Super Veritech

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Product Overview

Introduce the first ever VF-1D! Fully equipped with a Super Veritech pack!
The VF-1D Super Veritech Trainer stands approximately 6 inches tall, is fully articulated, and can be converted into three different modes: Fighter, Battloid or Gerwalk mode. The Robotech VF-1D Veritech, was most commonly used in practice during the First Robotech War. It is well known for its tandem cockpit which made it the primary vehicle for training Veritech pilots.


  • Forearm armor
  • Leg armor
  • Missile clusters
  • Thruster packs
  • Gunpod weapon accessory
  • Adjustable display stand, for maximum versatility and poseability.