Little Embers SERIES 2 Blind Box Figurine

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"The little critters and creatures from Miyo’s Mystic Musings are born from my dreams, meditations and visions from other worlds.  My wish is to share my world and my insights with you. Hopefully they will brighten this reality we live in today, with a little quirkiness and fun while still putting a smile on your face." - Miyo Nakamura


Little Embers are branching out and getting brave! Out of the hearths and into the light of the moon. Their existence is no coincidence. Light a candle and you may find they are closer to your heart than you think. Wherever there is a flame of desire, these little igniters will help you be brave too.

The Little Embers Series 2 Blind Box Figurines are approximately 3" tall and come case packed 15 units per tray. Each tray will include three units of each style:
  • Lava
  • Blaze
  • Kindle
  • Torch
  • Scorch 


PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY: The figurines come blind boxed so you will be receiving a random figure. No exchanges or returns.