Little Foots Blind Box Figurine

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Product Overview

While walking quietly on the moss-covered forest floor, where moonlight filters in through the tree boughs, if you ever come across a fairy ring of mushrooms, turn your lights off and wait. You may be lucky enough to witness the “unearthing” of a baby Little Foot. They are born under the earth right in the middle of fairy rings, protected and nurtured by the fairy folk of the forest. We are proud to introduce the 5th blind box collection from Miyo’s Mystic Musing, Little Foots Blind Box Figurines! Making their first US debut, the Little Foots figures are approximately 3" tall and feature:

  • Pebbles
  • Slosh
  • Sleet
  • Squatch



PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY: The figurines come blind boxed so you will be receiving a random figure. No exchanges or returns.