Acid Rain Sand Armored Trailer Set

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Acid Rain Sand Armored Trailer Set

Mechanized tactical logistics teams are formed by various units such as TEs, Transporters and Medics, who all follow the commands of the TL Sergeant. The size of each team depends on the scale of the mission. In addition to leading the team, the TL Sergeant is responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of resources to their destinations.
Since desert sandstorms often damage the operating systems of high-tech vehicles, Sand TL Sergeants prefer to use durable, lightweight Armored Trailers to transport troops and supplies. Armored Trailers can also link light vehicles such as Wildebeests to their rear.

1:18 scale Sand Armored Trailer Set Includes: Sand TL Sergeant x 1, Armored Trailer x 1, 「Iron Fist」Trench Knife x 1, AP2 Pistol x 2, ASMG6 Submachine Gun x 1, ARL11 Bazooka x 1, Vehicle Rack x 1, Railing x 1