Acid Rain Sand Tactical Engineer

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Acid Rain Sand Tactical Engineer

The Antbike's success in improving logistic needs for the 88th Sand Team prompted the Agurts military to form mechanized tactical logistics teams with a brand new unit - the TE, or Tactical Engineer. Equipped with powerful weapons and seasoned by gruelling combat training, TEs are the special ops of the engineering world. Not only can they clear obstacles, pave bridges and fortify buildings, TEs can also pulverize enemies with deadly vengeance. TEs work on the forefront of battle zones without protection from infantry units. Upon encountering enemy forces, they will immediately become the front lines of resistance.

1:18 scale Sand Tactical Engineer Includes: Sand Tactical Engineer x 1, 「Iron Fist」Trench Knife x 1, AP2 Pistol x 2, AAR7 Assault Rifle x 1