Acid Rain Sand Bunker Set

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Acid Rain Sand Bunker Set

Construction of temporary fortifications and outposts on desert terrains proved highly difficult, Sand TEs often removed protective armor from their transport vehicles to use as shields. In response, the military introduced light weight riot shields shaped like chevaux de frise called Portable Blast Shields (PB Shields ). Amused soldiers nicknamed PB Shields “Sandbags”, which can be installed on Armored Trailers to improve defenses or used to build temporary “Bunkers”.

1:18 scale Sand Bunker Set Includes: Sand Tactical Engineer x 1, PB-Shields(Sandbag)x 2, 「Iron Fist」Trench Knife x 1, AP2 Pistol x 2, ASMG6 Submachine Gun x 1, AAR7 Assault Rifle x 1, AMBF17 Machine gun x 1